bathory grey
16 Dies Irae
Bathory - A Fine Day to Die
bathory born to die
bathory war machine
Bathory - Equimanthorn (Zardonic Remix) [2007]
Bathory - call from the grave
A Fine Day to Die by Bathory
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Valhalla (Bathory Cover)
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Countess Bathory
An Evening with Bathory - Blood Fire Death
This is not free jazz
La guérison miraculeuse
Slow down
Bathory Blood Fire Death (1988) Full Album
Gasulla - Man of Iron(Bathory)
01. Prelude
Cover - bathory-13-candles2
02 - Valhalla
01 Shores In Flames
03 - Baptised In Fire And Ice
05 - Song To Hall Up High
07 - One Rode To Asa Bay