Daughtry gone too soon
Daughtry - "waiting for superman"
Daughtry break the spell
Daughtry crawling back to you
No surprise ---daughtry)
Daughtry - over you
Daughtry- september
Daughtry - everything but me
Chris daughtry - conviction
Chris daughtry - home (genderbend)
Daughtry - "outta my head" - kraddy remix
September- daughtry
Poker face by chris daughtry
Daughtry over you
Daughtry - broken arrows
Daughtry - waiting for superman (cover) stephen johnson
Daughtry-life after you
Over you- daughtry
Daughtry - radioactive (acoustic cover)
Daughtry it's not over
Daughtry - cinderella (j - beatz remix)
Baptized - daughtry (cover)
Daughtry - over you (acoustic cover version)