Estopa el blade
Sexy can i
17. real talk - blade
Wovenwar "all rise"
Slayer "hell awaits"
Earl sweatshirt - blade
Wovenwar "the mason"
Slayer "black magic"
Make love in this club
Estopa - pastillas de freno
Estopa - no quiero verla más
Slayer "chemical warfare"
Two steps from hell - black blade
Whitechapel "the saw is the law"
Amon amarth "father of the wolf"
Amon amarth "deceiver of the gods"
Behemoth "blow your trumpets gabriel"
Amon amarth "the pursuit of vikings"
Hollywood undead - this love this hate
Amon amarth "twilight of the thunder god"
Brian blade & the fellowship band "he died fighting"