Metallica nothing else matter
009 - metallica - enter sandman
Metallica - nothing else matters (classic symfonic version)
Metallica - one
Metallica - fuel
Metallica - fuel
Acdc-back in black
Metallica - one - youtube
Metallica - enter sandman
Metallica - one - youtube
Fade to black - metallica
Metallica- one real version
Metallica - creeping death
Metallica - creeping death
Metallica whiskey in the jar
Metallica - seek and destroy
Metallica and justice for all
Metallica - the unforgiven ii
Metallica - ride the lightning
Metallica - whiskey in the jar
Metallica - harvester of sorrow
Metallica - nothing else matters
Lou reed & metallica - junior dad
Metallica - for whom the bell tolls
Metallica - the day that never comes
Metallica - master of puppets
Metallica - lords of summer (garage demo version)
Metallica - ronnie rising (a tribute to ronnie james dio)
Metallica - the unforgiven (cottonmouth remix) !!!free download!!!
Metallica - lords of summer (first pass version) by
Dj4kat - metallica - the unforgiven [hip hop instrumental] [free download]
Metallica - master of puppets (from the motion picture metallica through the never)
Metallica vs black sabbath - disposable war pigs (metal dubstep mashup) celldweller